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G-rated boilers attract CERT recognition

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 21-Feb-09 05:25:19 PM

Gas and electricity suppliers can, from 10th Feb 2009, offset C02 reductions against their 'carbon obligation' by upgrading operational G-rated boilers in homes to more efficient A or B-rated models, Ofgem announced last week.

The announcement stipulates that boilers for early replacement under CERT must be:

  • a) identified as G-rated; and
  • b) confirmed as working, via an independent assessor and EPC.

'Only boiler replacements identified via this route will be eligible under the CERT programme.'

Previously, only old 'broken down' boilers qualified under the programme because there was 'no clear way to independently assess a) that the boilers were G-rated, and b) that they were working.'

The advent of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) has changed this. EPCs now provide a clear route to ‘independent verification’.

Only EPCs don't indicate boiler ratings!

So given that DEAs would need to actively identify a G-rated boiler before handing over a homeowners' name and address to a participating scheme, how would that work with Data Protection and the notion of "independence" (because you can bet the next round of spam to arrive in your inbox will be from middlemen offering kickbacks)?

A "G-rated boiler" means a boiler which has a seasonal efficiency value of less than 70% when assessed against the Standard Assessment Procedure for Energy Rating of Dwellings (2005 Edition).

This does not seem to be (so far) worrying AHIPP, however, which is known to be pursuing opportunities in this market on behalf of its members.

Under CERT, gas and electricity suppliers are required to meet carbon emission reduction targets set, and monitored, by Ofgem.

Each supplier (with more than 50,000 customers) is allocated a 'carbon obligation' - a proportion of the overall C02 reduction target they must meet by 31 March 2011.

The overall carbon emissions reduction target suppliers must achieve is 154 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (lifetime) between April 1 2008 and 31st March 2011.

Read Ofgem's announcement: Early replacement of G-rated boilers (pdf).

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Reply #1 on : Mon February 23, 2009, 13:23:47
Do I need an EPC when transferring interests in property between partners or family members where there has been no marketing of the property? If so which bit of legislation requires that?

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EPC on property transfer
Reply #2 on : Wed March 18, 2009, 15:44:14

No as the property is not being sold. You do not need to have a HIP ( assume in England or Wales). And therefore you do not need an EPC.

If the property is going to be Let, then the Landlord is required to show a valid EPC.

You should be able to get an EPC in a couple of days.

Hope this helps!

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Re: G-rated boilers attract CERT recognition
Reply #3 on : Tue June 09, 2009, 10:31:24
thanks for all the info!.. just needed to brush up on a few things and this has helped. cheers.
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