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When writing isn’t enough

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 21-Jan-10 02:12:38 PM

Sometimes there’s either too much news to cover in one writing session, or there’s simply not enough time. So let’s see how much traction this gets.

Yesterday I came across a cool service called Screenr, which records five minutes of desktop activity to video and makes it available online. Hmm, I thought, this could be a time-saving way of briefly flagging-up some interesting bits and pieces I come across, but don’t have time to write about.

So check out this one - my second, but first real newsy one. It’s un-rehearsed and un-scripted so deal with it – they’ll all be like that.

CLG non-compliance in commercial; HIP reform critics; CLG/Accred docs; and DECs on non-dom consultation.

Click full-screen and the quality is literally as good as looking at my own desktop; meaning if you pause, you can read some of the articles on display. But I don’t want to deprive websites of their rightful traffic (plus you won’t be able to see all the articles in most cases) so my plan is to post links here in the blog so you can follow-through on anything that interests you.

Well, it’s an idea. I’m not promising how frequently I will post them nor am I going to handcuff myself to any long-term commitment. We’ll just see how it goes.

Of course, this does not mean I intend to stop writing the usual high calibre of thought-provoking blog-posts you have become accustomed to.

Here are today’s links:

Government Departments: Energy: 20 Jan 2010: Written answers and statements (

The broken link at the heart of the home selling process | Personal Investor | Citywire

CLG quality drive on EPCs and accreditation schemes – Home Inspector Forum

Government Response to the first annual Progress Report of the Committee on Climate Change - PDF

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When writing isnt enough
Reply #1 on : Thu January 21, 2010, 16:25:57
Great idea, found it very informative and useful to see the websites you use to obtain information, keep up the good work !!
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Re: When writing isn’t enough
Reply #2 on : Thu January 21, 2010, 21:31:38
Thanks Paul, that's encouraging.

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Its news but not as we know it
Reply #3 on : Fri January 22, 2010, 08:58:59
Hi Mike,

Its a good concept and I like the features of Screenr and I guess for your sake there is a lot less involved that creating an hours long podacast, 2 different media requirements I know.

So shall we be getting a 5 minute news blast every day ;-) that will save me time trudging the sites and reading the RSS feeds, chuckle chuckle.

Can we call this Five News or has that namebadge been taken already!!!!! I having a feeling your version will be a much more worthy watch.

Good work Sir,


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