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Housing Minister answer to Lib Dem question

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 16-Jun-08 04:21:17 PM

Caroline Flint, Housing Minister, in a written answer to Lib Dem Shadow Housing Minister, Lembit Opik, last Friday (13/06/08) signaled that Home Condition Reports (HCRs) could become a mandatory component of the Home Information Pack (HIP) if its voluntary uptake fails.

If? As of May 1st 2008, only 1776 HCRs had been registered!

Mr Opik asked:

whether she plans to make the home condition report a mandatory component of the home information pack in the event that the industry does not secure its inclusion by voluntary means.

To which the Housing Minister replied:


The home condition report remains a valuable element of the home information pack. The Government will continue to work with stakeholders to make a success of the voluntary uptake of the HCR. The mandatory option has not been ruled out should this voluntary approach not work.


Home Information Packs: 13 Jun 2008: Written answers (

Changing attitude

It's only been a week since Mr Opik asked the minister for the latest numbers of Home Inspectors and current status of HCRs. Then, Caroline Flint's response to the question of whether the home condition report should be a component of the HIP was merely that the, "home condition report remains an authorised part of the HIP."

So this latest reply, I believe, is the first time a condition has been attached to its possible mandatory inclusion... a cause for renewed hope?

Lib Dems sniffing

So what's with the Lib Dems sudden interest with HCRs then?

I'm not sure but I do know that AHIPP has met with Lembit Opik recently. And I do know that AHIPP are still lobbying for mandatory HCRs.

Of course, today marks the publication of the Carsberg Review of Residential Property, which calls for HIPs to become voluntary. Now whether the minister had its release in mind when responding, can only be pure mischievous speculation.

I am reading the Carsberg review and may - or may not - blog about it later. However, I think I can probably reveal at this point that his recommendations seem to be based on "belief" and "opinion" only; I've yet to see any solid research backed by numbers.

The review also recommends HCRs remain voluntary too.

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Answers to Lib Dems
Reply #1 on : Tue June 17, 2008, 15:11:08
The domestic property market is already sinking fast bringing in compulsory HCR's would lead to it sinking without trace.

It would also mean that to have any chance of survival a DEA would need to retrain as an HCI. More expense and if to many do it then there will be no money it.

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