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A week of pain

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 17-May-08 01:27:31 PM

Last week, she died - My PC, that is. I was utterly bored with nothing to do. Online banking makes life tricky in these circumstances.

Lessons: apart from the online banking, backing-up data wasn't an issue in this instance but being dispossessed of contact numbers etc... was. Having an online email account (Googlemail) allowed me to email certain people from another machine but I lacked a lot of contacts so I'll be forwarding my important ones to that account for future incidents.

Enforced break - It happens

My enforced break, however, was soon put into perspective...

A few days later a close friend of mine was - get this - stabbed in the eye, causing it to puncture. He was rushed into Hospital where it was "re-inflated" with compressed air and stitched. Amazing eh?!

Although he has blurred vision, it is hoped normal sight will return once nature completes its work - He is very lucky not to have lost his sight completely.

His enforced break will last at least six weeks; he cannot exert himself lest the increased blood pressure "over-inflates" the eyeball.

A few days later still, the mother of another close friend since childhood, lost her all-too-short battle against cancer. She died at home surrounded by close family members, as was her wish. The final hours, I'm told, were not pleasant to witness.

One of a dying breed of true mothers - She will be hugely missed by her family. RIP.


Lesson: my friend - the mother's daughter - packed in work to look after her for an intensive six month period. It will take her years to recover financially.

Of course, these things always happen to other people.


I have several emails and tasks to attend to so if you're one of them, my apologies - I hope to be back up and running next week. If you've left a comment here during the last week and a bit, I'll try and activate them later today (after I've sifted through all the spam comments!).

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