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Trevor Kent, Peter Ambrose and AHIPP commence battle

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 03-Apr-09 01:40:57 PM

It began yesterday on Working Lunch. Trevor Kent was in the studio commenting on the housing market before Naga Munchetty, show presenter, turned to the subject of HIPs post April 6th.

Who wants to ‘wade through a 100 page Home Information Pack before inspecting the property’, Trevor protested.

Naga later chimed in: “Forget about what you want. As someone who has been looking recently at houses, it’s actually very handy to know the basics of a property and that can be encouraging for buyers.”

Catch it on the iPlayer: Working Lunch (Thurs 2nd April) at around 4:00 mins (may disappear after 7 days).

Channel 4 News

Today, Channel 4 News ran a piece featuring footage of a DEA in action (sorry, didn’t catch his name but he looked very presentable), and interviews with Peter Ambrose, The Partnership, Mike Ockenden, AHIPP, and a Channel 4 News-commissioned survey conducted by… guess?


I can’t remember the figures reported but, need I say, they were overwhelmingly against.

So I immediately got on to Krishnan Guru-Murphy, today’s presenter, via Twitter:

@krishgm CH4 News had the NAEA conduct poll RE: HIPs? Hardly unbiased, Krishnan - They hate HIPs!

To which he replied:

@SocialMike yes but as long as you attribute you know where they are coming from

Which is hardly the point; it was Channel 4 News that commissioned the survey, selecting not MORI, but the NAEA to do it = foregone conclusion.

CH4 News is one of my preferred news outlets but jeez…!

No doubt it will be on again tonight at 7pm.

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Re: Trevor Kent, Peter Ambrose and AHIPP commence battle
Reply #1 on : Thu April 16, 2009, 23:48:28
Just to clarify - it was Christian Holmes, one of our energy assessors, in the video. Not exactly sure how Chris managed to get more footage than me, but can live with it!


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