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Independent regional groups sought

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 18-Jun-08 05:35:46 PM

NHER / SAVA are looking for independent regional groups of energy assessors and/or Home Inspectors to foster closer working relationships with, so says Mathew Culnane of NES.

Free conference representation

To kick this off, NHER are inviting regional groups to represent themselves at this year's annual conference, for free. It is hoped that attendees to the conference will discover a local group near to them which they previously never knew existed.

Matthew explained that NHER was keen to promote the benefits of assessors forging local relationships: "So I'm after a few 'independent' groups that would be interested in coming along to showcase their group and hopefully recruit a few more assessors.", he said.

Moving forward, he has a few ideas on how NHER might work closer with regional groups, but as of now, you'll have to wait to find out because without a commitment of lifelong marriage, I am not at liberty to disclose them.

One other important thing to note: the group must be independent - not part of a national institute!

More info and contact point: NHER group hugs day

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Re: Independent regional groups sought
Reply #1 on : Thu June 19, 2008, 04:44:34
Dear Mathew,
I am a SAVA trained HI working from home in Tavistock, Devon.
I am Secretary of the DCHI (Devon & Cornwall Home Inspectors association)which I helped found in July 2006. We are a well established and constituted organisation with about 80 Members, split roughly 50/50 HIs & DEAs, spread throughout the counties and we meet once a month to discuss and update ourselves on progress of the industry and for mutual learning with frequent Guest Speakers and, of course, for a pint and a pie !. We have a Members Forum on our website - - which enables constant group communication and debate. The DCHI is intentioanlly not a commercial entity and therefore is not in conflict with the commercial interests of its members. There are several commercial partnerships or similar which have set up from their association with DCHI and our name is quite widely respected here in the South West. Above all, the DCHI has been a fabulous opportunity for westcountry networking and support, and has built some very vaulable and long lasting relationships both inside and outside the association.
We are currently building our relationships with the IHI in order to have a voice on a national scale. We also have had some contact with similar groups but no real established links - so perhaps NHER/SAVA can help here - it sounds very promising.
I would be very pleased to hear back from you with your suggestions as to how this may be progressed and whether DCHI can offer some useful input.
You would be very welcome to attend any of our meetings as our Guest and perhaps this would be a very good way forward. Please feel free to call me at any time.
Yours sincerely,
Tim Baxter
Secretary DCHI
01822 617345
07872 110 551

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