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Northern Ireland launch Energy Performance Certificates tomorrow

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 29-Jun-08 04:25:23 PM

According to the BRE projects website, which lists all RdSAP software approved for calculating Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings, only three accreditation schemes have so far received approval to operate their software in Northern Ireland from tomorrow, the day when all marketed homes must have an EPC.

BRE's list of approved software was last updated two days ago (Friday 27th June 08) just before the weekend kicked off. With only a few hours left before EPCs launch across the province - and with today being Sunday - it is unlikely others will be licensed before launch.

Approved RdSAP Software for Northern Ireland (29/06/08)

  1. Northgate (Northgate RdSAP Software 1st for Northern Ireland)
  2. Elmhurst
  3. ECMK

Elmhurst issue first Northern Ireland EPC

Elmhurst are also claiming to have issued Northern Ireland's first EPC. On its homepage it says:

The first legally valid EPC for an existing building to be produced in Northern Ireland has been issued by a Belfast based Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) using software from Elmhurst Energy.

Elmhurst Energy Systems

Good luck to all Northern Ireland Domestic Energy Assessors from tomorrow and beyond - Let's hope you have a better time of it than your brethren in England and Wales!

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Domestic EPCs for Northern Ireland
Reply #1 on : Fri November 28, 2008, 14:00:57
Back in the summer, I attended an event in Ballymena, about EPCs for Northern Ireland. Elmhurst and others were there, although I notice that many of those "others" have not put the effort into accrediting their software for Northern Ireland, despite their assurances at the time..

With five weeks to go now, (Writing this in November '08) I have seen no flood of enquiries about EPCs from the housing associations and private landlords who would be most affected. The Estate agents have all got the message, but I get the impression that other sectors have yet to grasp the implications.
Stephen Hyvart
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Estate Agents
Reply #2 on : Tue January 12, 2010, 21:10:32
After having completed my training and being an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor, I am dissapointed in the feedback I'm getting from estate agents. They have stated that while the production of an EPC is not actively being persued by the relevent body, then they are not actively encouraging their clients to go to the expense of getting one produced. Only when a sale is to go through would one be produced. (I hope you all know what I mean)

With an EPC being a legal requirement, then surely it should be illegal to market a property without one????.

I think it should be the responsability of the estate agent to at least ensure an EPC is produced prior to marketing a property and not being allowed to put it market without it.

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