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Home Information Pack debate in Parliament

By MikeC (Admin) on 27-Jan-10 16:03. Remarks (0)

The War of Surveys continue to warp parliamentary process and decision-making, as evidenced in the House of Commons debate on Home Information Packs yesterday.

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HoL debate on EPCs & EPCs on all non-dom proposals by 2017

By MikeC (Admin) on 26-Jan-10 13:51. Remarks (1)

House of Lords debate EPCs; Commercial Energy Assessors' forum hit by spammers; the committee on climate change recommend EPCs on all non-domestic buildings by 2017.

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‘Get serious about energy efficiency’ – David Strahan

By MikeC (Admin) on 27-Apr-09 14:57. Remarks (0)

David Strahan, writing in the Independent on Sunday, slams the budget as "utterly hollow" and points to research predicting peak coal as early as 2025. Also, what about this carbon capture experiment?

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EPC Data Gatherers in Parliament

By MikeC (Admin) on 19-Sep-08 16:17. Remarks (0)

Tory shadow minister Grant Shapps receives clarification on the use of EPC data gatherers plus answers on property information questionnaires and the shelf life of Home Information Packs

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£910m Energy Package but Nowt for Energy Assessors

By MikeC (Admin) on 11-Sep-08 17:04. Remarks (0)

Domestic Energy Assessors might as well become loft insulators following today's Govt announcement of £910m funding towards energy efficiency measures. Are Energy Performance Certificates are in danger of becoming financially punitive to homeowners and landlords?

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Leave Caroline Alone Gordon (or David)!

By MikeC (Admin) on 01-Aug-08 16:05. Remarks (0)

Why Caroline Flint should remain Housing Minister

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CLG Consultations: Searches and Consumer HIP Information

By MikeC (Admin) on 01-Aug-08 15:23. Remarks (0)

The CLG released two more consultation documents to stuff-up your holidays this week: Charges for Property Searches and Improved Consumer Information in the Home Information Pack (HIP). Enjoy!

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Parliament: RdSAP Limitations, Update and Home Information Packs Mis-Sold?

By MikeC (Admin) on 18-Jul-08 00:09. Remarks (3)

Home-buyers know when Home Information Packs are unreliable so commission their own independently, according to group of lawyers. Are they right, or being mis-sold? RdSAP anomalies exposed by architect: Energy Performance Certificate ratings "flawed". CLG announce RdSAP update from September: pay rise, or pay cut? Lots to look at in this House of Commons debate.

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Move to Abolish HIPs Fails

By MikeC (Admin) on 10-Jul-08 13:51. Remarks (1)

A Tory amendment to abolish Home Information Packs (HIPs) failed yesterday in the House of Lords by 19 votes. Also, Baroness Ford reveals that house-builders want the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) diluted

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EPC Data-Gatherers Allowed for Domestic Rentals - CLG

By MikeC (Admin) on 30-Jun-08 16:09. Remarks (4)

In what will be a blow to Domestic Energy Assessors, the CLG has today published an Energy Performance Certificate guide for landlords which reveals that data-gatherers is acceptable

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Will Govt's £100bn Energy Announcement Bolster EPCs?

By MikeC (Admin) on 25-Jun-08 00:09. Remarks (2)

The Government is expected to unveil a £100bn package of measures to reduce energy consumption and C02 emissions next week - Good news for Domestic Energy Assessors? Will Energy Performance Certificates be freed from the Home Information Packs?

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CLG: Average EPC Rating of B on New Homes

By MikeC (Admin) on 18-Jun-08 16:26. Remarks (2)

New homes achieve an average Energy Performance Certificate rating of B the Housing Minister has revealed. Yes, yet another answer to another question from Lib Dem Shadow Housing Minister, Lembit Opik.

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Home Condition Reports Possible if Voluntary Uptake Flops

By MikeC (Admin) on 16-Jun-08 16:21. Remarks (1)

Home Condition Reports may become a mandatory part of the Home Information Pack if voluntary take-up flops, according to Housing Minister, Caroline Flint in a written reply to Lembit Opik of the Lib Dems. Previously, HCRs would be reviewed, now there appears to be at least a partial condition attached

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Home Information Pack threatens Govt targets and energy security

By MikeC (Admin) on 12-Jun-08 03:16. Remarks (1)

The Energy Performance Certificate must be released from the Home Information Pack to effect urgent wholesale change to our existing housing stock - not to mention meet the Government's own targets.

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Lib Dems ask for Home Inspector Numbers & HCR Status

By MikeC (Admin) on 10-Jun-08 14:34. Remarks (3)

Housing Minister reveals lastest number of Home Inspectors (822) in answer to Lib Dem questions asking if Home Condition Reports will ever make it into Home Information Packs (HIPs)

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Energy Performance of UK Directionless

By MikeC (Admin) on 01-Jun-08 21:26. Remarks (0)

Another week of bad energy news finally spurs UK Government into action - Well, action might be a bit strong actually.

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EPC on Every Home Within 2 Years - 10 Guaranteed Ways

By MikeC (Admin) on 24-May-08 15:20. Remarks (0)

Home Information Packs in a slowing market will thwart Energy Performance Certificate delivery. Here are 10 politically-incorrect ways to guarantee an EPC on every home within 2 years, guaranteed!

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Abolish Home Information Packs: Grant Shapps Renews Call

By MikeC (Admin) on 21-May-08 13:05. Remarks (5)

Grant Shapps, shadow housing minister, is repeating calls to scrap the Home Information Pack (HIP), claiming they are cumbersome and expensive. Yet Connells the estate agents claims the opposite!

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Quick Green Budget Overview

By MikeC (Admin) on 12-Mar-08 13:41. Remarks (0)

Alistair Darling's first budget attack on reducing carbon emissions sets higher reduction targets on homes and special attention on cars. A quick overview.


HIP Area Trial Results - An Overview

By MikeC (Admin) on 07-Mar-08 16:03. Remarks (0)

The CLG leaned on this document many times saying the Home Information Pack area trials would inform it on roll-out and effectiveness. Now its here, what are the lessons learnt and was it worth it?

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EU Takes UK to Court Over EPBD

By MikeC (Admin) on 29-Feb-08 14:10. Remarks (0)

The European Commission has issued court proceedings against the UK for failing to adequately explain progress of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.


Code for Sustainable Homes to be Launched 1st May 08

By MikeC (Admin) on 28-Feb-08 14:38. Remarks (3)

A rating on all newly built homes against the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) will be required from May 1st 2008, the Housing Minister, Caroline Flint, has announced.

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Assessor Numbers for Commercial, Rented and Social Property?

By MikeC (Admin) on 19-Feb-08 18:12. Remarks (0)

The Housing Minister responds to a question asking how many energy assessors will be needed for the commercial, rental and social housing property sectors... kind of!

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Petition Alert: End First Day Marketing (FDM)

By MikeC (Admin) on 12-Feb-08 17:49. Remarks (3)

Plucky DEA, Charlotte Lawrance, is petitioning the Government to end First Day Marketing (FDM) on 1st April 2008 stating DEAs have been penalised enough.

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Minister Admits Drop Dead Date Under Review

By MikeC (Admin) on 02-Feb-08 17:09. Remarks (0)

Housing Minister Caroline Flint admits the Govt is now "thinking" about whether a HIP should be required before a home can be marketed from June 1st 2008


First Day Marketing: Hello?

By MikeC (Admin) on 01-Feb-08 15:07. Remarks (4)

DEAs were concerned when the Drop Dead Date of HIPs was pushed back to June 1st 08, yet have remained silent in spite of campaign to abolish it permanently!

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Changing Faces - Caroline Flint Housing Minister

By MikeC (Admin) on 25-Jan-08 12:00. Remarks (0)

"How can I help you?". "I was just explaining to Ruth how the EPC...". "Ah, I'll need to pass you over to my replacement, Caroline Flint. One moment please..."


Validity Period of EPC - Govt Seeks Views

By MikeC (Admin) on 15-Dec-07 03:22. Remarks (2)

The Government is asking for your views on how long an EPC should remain valid. The age-ranges are from 3 months to 7 years.

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HIPs: Select Committee Concerns

By MikeC (Admin) on 14-Dec-07 20:07. Remarks (0)

The Select Committee on Merits of Statutory Instruments assess the new HIP regulations and flags areas of concern which may - in its view - merit further debate in the House of Lords. It thinks HCRs have weakened the HIP but also of interest are the comments from industry.

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CLG: 303 DEAs was East Midlands Target

By MikeC (Admin) on 07-Dec-07 14:05. Remarks (0)

The East Midlands has an excess supply of more than 130 DEAs, according to a written answer by Yvette Cooper

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DEA Numbers: 6002 Accredited

By MikeC (Admin) on 29-Nov-07 14:17. Remarks (1)

A week after the CLG announced full market HIPs, we have another DEA numbers update... and there is a definite slowing trend, at last. But the South East is still hot with only 10 more to break 1000!

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HIPs Timing: The Inside Story

By MikeC (Admin) on 22-Nov-07 19:22. Remarks (0)

We've heard a lot about "impact on the market" and "lessons learnt" since the June 1st delay. Those words have been the cause of great pain for thousands of DEAs. Here is the report behind those elusive words.

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Home Information Packs - Full Roll-Out 14th December 2007

By MikeC (Admin) on 22-Nov-07 12:42. Remarks (0)

It's true - Full roll-out of HIPs is happening from 14th December 2007! But... First Day Marketing has been extended until 1st June 2008.

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EPCs: Low-Scoring Homes to be Contacted

By MikeC (Admin) on 20-Nov-07 19:05. Remarks (0)

Who wants to be an environment cop? Homes with EPCs having low ratings will be contacted by the newly-announced Green Homes Service, I've discovered. Whatever happened to privacy then!

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MP Grant Shapps and Colour Recycling Bins

By MikeC (Admin) on 20-Nov-07 00:09. Remarks (0)

Grant Shapps writes directly to DEAs on public forum - West Wing style! - and reveals the topic of choice around the dinner tables of Great Britain in the years to come... colour recycling bins.


Gordon Brown: Free Insulation for 5m Homes

By MikeC (Admin) on 19-Nov-07 19:41. Remarks (0)

Gordon Brown has announced free insulation for 5m homes - At last! Something proactive. Also, news that each home will be issued with Energy Performance Certificates. Does this mean free EPCs?

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Code for Sustainable Homes - Govt Response

By MikeC (Admin) on 17-Nov-07 20:54. Remarks (0)

Govt commitment to HIPs was reinforced by the CLG, yesterday, after it published its policy on the Code for Sustainable Homes based on the answers to its July 2007 stakeholder consultation.

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DEA Numbers - 5794 Accredited

By MikeC (Admin) on 15-Nov-07 16:33. Remarks (1)

More numbers of Domestic Energy Assessors has been released by the CLG today and whilst numbers are still growing, there appears to be a definite slowing trend. But will there really still be enough?

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Become an Accreditation Scheme - Commercial

By MikeC (Admin) on 02-Nov-07 14:42. Remarks (0)

Pssst! The DCLG have published the standards, minimum requirements plus application forms for organisations to run accreditation schemes for the remaining commercial market segments

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DEA Numbers - 5490 Accredited

By MikeC (Admin) on 02-Nov-07 01:38. Remarks (1)

DEA accreditations slow-down but overall number growth shoots up, reversing a previous dip. But is there now enough London DEAs to twist the Govts arm?

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