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Property Professionals in administration energy assessor training company

By MikeC (Admin) on 05-Feb-10 16:28. Remarks (29)

Property Professionals has gone into administration (formerly Home Inspector Training). The energy assessor training company fiercely criticised by industry professionals for its misleading adverts and selling tactics, went into administration yesterday afternoon leaving 100s - if not 1000s - of trainees in the lurch.

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Accreditation schemes and industry react to new CLG rules

By MikeC (Admin) on 08-Jan-10 14:40. Remarks (2)

Three accreditation schemes, an independent Domestic Energy Assessor, and a HIP provider react to new CLG rules on EPC quality standards, from their particular vantage points.

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Top 3 Accreditation Schemes 2009

By MikeC (Admin) on 23-Dec-09 14:06. Remarks (3)

Which accreditation scheme has worked in the best interests of the Energy Performance Certificate industry in 2009? My three picks inside - do you agree?

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NHER report does not threaten Pay As You Save scheme, says Scannell

By MikeC (Admin) on 09-Dec-09 18:02. Remarks (0)

NHER has produced the industry's first in-depth study of more than 300,000 Energy Performance Certificates which concludes that recommendations, if implemented, could achieve carbon and fuel-cost savings of 22pc. Brian Scannell tells me why its findings does not underwhelm Labour and Tory proposals for a Pay As You Save scheme.

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Energy Institute recognise Energy Assessors for membership

By MikeC (Admin) on 13-Nov-09 18:00. Remarks (0)

Energy Institute, the respected energy professionals' member-led organisation with a Royal Charter, has amended its Technical Member grade to welcome competent Energy Assessors within its revered ranks.

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NHER Conference 09: British Gas offers sales commission to HEAs

By MikeC (Admin) on 12-Nov-09 19:21. Remarks (0)

Energy Assessor reveals to NHER conference today how British Gas offered him Home Energy Advisor role with sales commissions for products sold, he alleged. Plus, how it was reported live on Twitter

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Latest News Emissions

By MikeC (Admin) on 22-Oct-09 14:55. Remarks (0)

A news eruption from CLG, NHER and Stroma with news of registered Home Inspector numbers (from FOI request), EPC numbers by category (social, rented etc.), free DEC training plus more.

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NHER 2009 conference changes tack

By MikeC (Admin) on 16-Sep-09 14:13. Remarks (0)

NHER has announced two mini conferences this year in two locations, departing from its mammoth two-day events of yore. Open to everyone, and the price has dropped too.


Accreditation Schemes vs Trade Bodies and Institutes

By MikeC (Admin) on 14-Jul-09 15:44. Remarks (0)

Who do you think should represent Domestic Energy Assessors: your accreditation scheme or one of the numerous trade bodies or institutes? A poll so far puts the accred schemes up there with the so-called institutes!

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80% of Commercial Property Agents Flout EPC Laws, NHER Survey Reveals

By MikeC (Admin) on 08-Jun-09 13:55. Remarks (0)

More than 81% of commercial property agents questioned by undercover snoops held no EPCs for properties they were advertising, an NHER survey of 108 "key" property agents across England and Wales has revealed.

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HES, CERT and CESP Consultation Responses

By MikeC (Admin) on 14-May-09 15:54. Remarks (3)

The deadline for responses to the Heat and Energy Saving Strategy (HES) has been extended until tomorrow apparently. But which accreditation schemes and representative organisations have responded to these career-defining proposals? Also, BRE and DECC publish new draft proposals for SAP 2009 - another consultation!

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Confirmed: Domestic Energy Assessor Sued

By MikeC (Admin) on 02-Apr-09 16:12. Remarks (1)

NHER have been in touch to confirm that both a DEA and surveyor had successful claims made against them for mis-describing windows in their reports.

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NHER: Bad Practice Undermining Accreditation Framework

By MikeC (Admin) on 25-Jan-09 02:01. Remarks (0)

NHER Accreditation Scheme, in its first annual report since becomming CLG-approved in 2006, reports on its performance up to September 2008. It has a few suggestions for Government too including the tightening-up of data collection and sampling rules and the 'rigorous' monitoring with stricter guidelines for accreditation schemes.

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£2500 Grant Goes to Devon & Cornwall Home Inspectors Association

By MikeC (Admin) on 27-Oct-08 19:16. Remarks (3)

And the winner of NHER's £2500 Energy Assessor Community Grant goes to... the DCHI! Where many regional DEA and HI groups have collapsed, the DCHI have endured since 2006, building its memberbase to a very respectable number - Learn how it will spend its riches and how they operate

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£2500 Cash For Grabs from National Energy Services

By MikeC (Admin) on 20-Sep-08 15:53. Remarks (0)

National Energy Services are throwing a £2500 cash grant to the most worthy support group for energy assessors or Home Inspectors. Only a few weeks to apply so get cracking now.

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National Energy Services Conference 2008

By MikeC (Admin) on 20-Aug-08 21:05. Remarks (1)

The leading industry conference has been announced for Domestic Energy Assessors and Home Inspectors. NHER/SAVA will be hosting this year's two-day get-together October 22nd and 23rd and features a host of speakers including fellow-blogger Neil Kurz and Robert Kyriakides - I may even pop down with my outside broadcasting unit, so watch out!


NHER / SAVA Seek Group Hugs With DEAs & HIs

By MikeC (Admin) on 18-Jun-08 17:35. Remarks (1)

NHER / SAVA are looking for regional groups of Domestic Energy Assessors or Home Inspectors to help promote and support. If you are involved with, or run, such a regional rabble, you better read on

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CLG: Average EPC Rating of B on New Homes

By MikeC (Admin) on 18-Jun-08 16:26. Remarks (2)

New homes achieve an average Energy Performance Certificate rating of B the Housing Minister has revealed. Yes, yet another answer to another question from Lib Dem Shadow Housing Minister, Lembit Opik.

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Play the Regs

By MikeC (Admin) on 03-May-08 15:27. Remarks (0)

Play the Regs is an interactive way to quickly discover the huge differences between the 2006 Part L1A Regulations and Level 5 of the Code for Sustainable Homes - Well worth a look for Domestic Energy Assessors or aspiring Code Assessors.

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IDEA and ECMK Deal Closes Doors for Institute

By MikeC (Admin) on 19-Apr-08 17:19. Remarks (8)

The Institute of Domestic Energy Assessors (IDEA) has significantly weakened the collective voice of its members as accreditation schemes react to deal with ECMK. Also, claims the Steering Group acted without powers to sign deal.

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Definitive CPD Guide for DEAs and Training Providers

By MikeC (Admin) on 24-Mar-08 13:08. Remarks (2)

For Domestic Energy Assessors and training providers: Accreditation schemes reveal precisely what DEAs and course providers need to know in order to successfully complete their first year's CPD study.

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BRE Award First Sub-Licence to Stroma Accreditation

By MikeC (Admin) on 15-Jan-08 14:26. Remarks (3)

BRE Global has awarded its first sub-licence to Stroma Accreditation Ltd for the training and accreditation of assessors for the Code of Sustainable Homes. Also applying are Elmhurst and NES.

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