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Consultation: Making better use of Energy Performance Certificates and data

By MikeC (Admin) on 02-Mar-10 11:49. Remarks (0)

The CLG has published a consultation on the next step forward for the use of Energy Performance Certificate data and the DECC publishes its HEMS (Household Energy Management) strategy

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VID: EPC news in five minutes

By MikeC (Admin) on 21-Jan-10 14:12. Remarks (3)

A new experiment to bring you a round-up of EPC news in five minutes or less, using video! Today, CLG statement on non-compliance in commercial; more HIP reform critics; CLG/Accred docs for download; and DECs on non-dom consultation.

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Accreditation schemes and industry react to new CLG rules

By MikeC (Admin) on 08-Jan-10 14:40. Remarks (2)

Three accreditation schemes, an independent Domestic Energy Assessor, and a HIP provider react to new CLG rules on EPC quality standards, from their particular vantage points.

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Accreditation schemes put on notice for “unacceptable practices”, CLG letter reveals

By MikeC (Admin) on 07-Jan-10 15:09. Remarks (7)

The CLG has put dodgy Energy Assessors and accreditation schemes on notice in a pre-christmas letter to schemes which list a catalogue of "unacceptable practices" and shortcomings, this site can reveal. A new regime is implemented with immediate effect.

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CLG impose new standards and procedures on accreditation schemes

By MikeC (Admin) on 06-Jan-10 13:29. Remarks (0)

New standards and procedures have been imposed on accreditation schemes by the CLG - more to follow.

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CLG relations with energy assessor groups hit buffers

By MikeC (Admin) on 10-Dec-09 18:24. Remarks (0)

The Institute of Home Inspection has pulled out of consultation talks with the CLG in protest at the un-representative make-up of panelists officials at the department want. Other groups, including accreditation schemes, are also angry it would seem.

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EPC numbers: Analysing the huge discrepancy

By MikeC (Admin) on 27-Nov-09 16:45. Remarks (1)

There is a massive gap between yesterday's reported EPC numbers from John Healey and those made on the HCR Register which reveals a gulf between marketed sales and other areas of EPC provision, possibly.

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EPCs lodged: monthly breakdown from August 2007 released

By MikeC (Admin) on 26-Nov-09 16:19. Remarks (2)

A detailed monthly breakdown of Energy Performance Certificates lodged for dwellings has been released covering the period of its birth in August 2007 to November 1st 2009.

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Latest News Emissions

By MikeC (Admin) on 22-Oct-09 14:55. Remarks (0)

A news eruption from CLG, NHER and Stroma with news of registered Home Inspector numbers (from FOI request), EPC numbers by category (social, rented etc.), free DEC training plus more.

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Vid: John Healey Housing Minister interview

By MikeC (Admin) on 24-Sep-09 10:47. Remarks (0)

Watch John Healey, housing minister, talk for the first time, I think, to the sector responsible for implementing his department's edicts.


Elmhurst urge energy assessors: Respond to consultation

By MikeC (Admin) on 16-Sep-09 14:47. Remarks (1)

Elmhurst operations director, Dr Gavin Dunn, outlines the latest EU and CLG thinking on the EPBD2 Recast.

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Trading Standards Question Dodged by Housing Minister

By MikeC (Admin) on 15-Jul-09 15:18. Remarks (1)

The new Housing Minister, John Healey, not only blatantly ignores a question on the performance of TSOs, but basically says they can do what they want - but what does that mean in light of last year's public relations disaster in Birmingham?

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John Healey Replaces Margaret Beckett at CLG

By MikeC (Admin) on 06-Jun-09 14:44. Remarks (1)

John Healey replaces Margaret Beckett as housing minister after she resigns because she wasn't promoted to a cabinet role. Thanks Margaret for, er, well, yes. And John... what can you possibly do in the remaining time?


Ed Miliband: “Peak Oil a second order debate”

By MikeC (Admin) on 28-May-09 14:44. Remarks (0)

Good interview (podcast) with Ed Miliband, secretary of state for energy and climate change, in which he is confronted with the question of Peak Oil and climate change at the 2009 Transition Network conference - but he doesn't quite get it.

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Home Energy Adviser NOS Dropped, Apparently

By MikeC (Admin) on 23-May-09 17:55. Remarks (0)

News leaked on Thursday that ABBE has been instructed by the CLG to drop the NOS for Home Energy Advisors, it is claimed. And further research by this site reveals how stakeholders really feel about who should provide this advice - DEAs, look away!

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CLG Clarifies Use of Data Collectors For EPCs

By MikeC (Admin) on 12-May-09 21:38. Remarks (0)

The CLG today published its long-awaited clarification on the use of data gatherers for Energy Performance Certificates for domestic, non-domestic and public buildings - and level 3 use is totally out of the question.

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CLG Spent Almost £1.5m Promoting Home Information Packs

By MikeC (Admin) on 11-May-09 16:12. Remarks (0)

Almost £1.5 million was spent in the financial year 2008-09, Margaret Beckett has revealed.

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Total EPCs Lodged for Rental Properties: 741,707

By MikeC (Admin) on 29-Apr-09 17:47. Remarks (0)

The total number of EPCs lodged for the rental housing sector - private and social - stands at nearly 742,000, Margaret Beckett has revealed. Now we can approximate market activity in each of the residential sectors, approximately.

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EPC Not Required in Basic HIP After 6th April

By MikeC (Admin) on 26-Mar-09 18:20. Remarks (5)

The CLG has written to AHIPP saying an Energy Performance Certificate need not be included within a basic Home Information Pack before marketing commences, after 6th April, if it's not available after 14 days.

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Two Million EPCs

By MikeC (Admin) on 24-Mar-09 01:30. Remarks (1)

Baroness Andrews told the House of Lords on Monday that 2 million EPCs were now lodged - that's approx 1.6 million Energy Performance Certicates in 12 months.

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CESP, The Energy Utils and Home Energy Audits

By MikeC (Admin) on 18-Feb-09 17:13. Remarks (0)

Here we look at how the Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) consultation, running alongside the Heat and Energy Saving Strategy, impacts upon Domestic Energy Assessors, Home Energy Advisers and Community Energy Advisers

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Heat and Energy Saving Strategy - Explored

By MikeC (Admin) on 14-Feb-09 16:21. Remarks (0)

The Government's Heat and Energy Saving Strategy, announced Thursday, directly impacts Domestic Energy Assessors. Here are the main proposals you should be aware of if you're wanting to influence and stay ahead of the crowd.

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EPC Numbers: Domestic & Non-domestic

By MikeC (Admin) on 21-Jan-09 17:38. Remarks (0)

By the end of 2008, more than 1.5 million domestic EPCs, and 30,000 non-domestic EPCs, had been registered.

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EPC Webchat Initiated by CLG on mumsnet

By MikeC (Admin) on 12-Jan-09 16:08. Remarks (1)

Charlotte Lawrance of ProDEA today took part in a live webchat on the popular website mumsnet as part of a CLG initiative to raise awareness.

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HIPs: First Day Marketing Extended Again - Why!

By MikeC (Admin) on 09-Dec-08 01:55. Remarks (4)

So Government has done it again: First Day Marketing is to be extended until April 5th 2009. It has also announced the introduction of PIQs (Property Information Questionaires) on the same day plus a few other measures discussed herein with the occassional comment from IPPA (Independent Pack Providers Association).

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Energy Performance Certificate Presentation - Interesting

By MikeC (Admin) on 23-Nov-08 12:32. Remarks (0)

Very interesting presentation (podcast and slides available) from Dr Brenda Boardman to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil and Gas (APPGOPO) earlier this month, discussing the importance and potential benefits of Energy Performance Certificates. Recommended.

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CLG to Research Effectiveness of EPCs

By MikeC (Admin) on 22-Nov-08 17:12. Remarks (0)

Research into the effectiveness of Energy Performance Certificates, including whether home-owners are following-up recommendations within, is to begin early 2009, Iain Wright has said.

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CLG Reveal Number of EPCs per Rating Band

By MikeC (Admin) on 11-Nov-08 16:41. Remarks (0)

A breakdown of the latest number of Energy Performance Certificates within each rating band has been revealed by the CLG. Total number of EPCs now produced: 1,395,979

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CLG Revise Accredited Non-Domestic Energy Assessor Numbers - Higher

By MikeC (Admin) on 04-Nov-08 19:19. Remarks (14)

The number of accredited non-domestic energy assessors on October 1st 2008 was not 471, as the CLG stated, but 751 - more than six times the forecasted numbers needed - according to an email John Morren received last week. As revealed here, 3000 NDEAs could soon flood the market in coming months - More numbers are inside.

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CLG HIP Report Published - An Overview

By MikeC (Admin) on 03-Nov-08 19:50. Remarks (0)

The CLG quietly published an interim report into the operation of Home Information Packs, Energy Performance Certificates and Home Condition Reports last Friday. Here is a more in-depth overview of its findings which I actually believe is fairly constructive overall

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CLG Guide: Commercial EPC 'Requirements' Published

By MikeC (Admin) on 17-Oct-08 16:51. Remarks (1)

The CLG has published a guide to dates and events that trigger an EPC on commercial properties (non-domestic). Plus, respect yourself and your online reputation: keep out of trouble with your accreditation scheme.

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Another New Housing Minister: Margaret Beckett

By MikeC (Admin) on 06-Oct-08 00:39. Remarks (1)

Margaret Beckett replaced Housing Minister, Caroline Flint, in Gordon Brown's latest reshuffle - the fourth minister in around 18 months! But we also have a new department of energy and climate change too, so where is this going? Who is running the gaff now?

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CLG Guide: Oct 1st EPC & HIP Regulation Changes

By MikeC (Admin) on 05-Oct-08 21:15. Remarks (0)

The CLG has published its guide to the October 1st 2008 changes to the Energy Performance Certificate and Home Information Pack regulations - at last! Also, approved methodologies for EPC and DEC production were published this week, including approved software applications for SAP 2005, SBEM, DSM and ORCalc.

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DEA Workshop: Accreditation Schemes Get 12 Months to Improve

By MikeC (Admin) on 26-Sep-08 15:54. Remarks (2)

The poorest performing accreditation schemes have been warned they have 12 months to improve or risk losing their licence. That was one of the messages presented to representatives of Domestic ENergy Assessors at the latest CLG-hosted DEA Workshop held on Tuesday (23rd Sept 08). Also, lack of interest from Trading Standards and the Advertising Standards Authority on both estate agent compliance and training providers respectively.

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CLG: No HIPs Review During Market Slump

By MikeC (Admin) on 12-Sep-08 09:54. Remarks (0)

Housing Minister Caroline Flint on Wednesday ruled out any Home Information Pack review until after the housing market returns to normal conditions, she told Lib Dem Mark Oaten in a written parliamentary answer

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HIPs: First Day Marketing Set for 1st Jan 2009

By MikeC (Admin) on 09-Sep-08 21:18. Remarks (0)

The DCLG has confirmed that First Day Marketing will begin 1st January 2009, ending the current temporary provisions allowing homes to be marketed without an Home Information Pack, providing one has been commissioned.

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CLG Extend Energy Performance Certificate Validity to Three Years

By MikeC (Admin) on 09-Sep-08 15:17. Remarks (0)

The CLG has today announced that Energy Performance Certificates within a Home Information Pack will, from October 1st 2008, be valid for three years. Non-domestic EPC requirements set back until 4th January 2009 - bang up to the EU limit - and... no clarification of the mass confusion surrounding the domestic and rental transitional EPC arrangements!

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RdSAP Update Delayed

By MikeC (Admin) on 04-Sep-08 16:48. Remarks (1)

Guess what, the upcoming update to RdSAP, due this weekend, has apparently been delayed

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DEA Workshop with CLG: Energy Saving Trust Alliance

By MikeC (Admin) on 21-Aug-08 18:21. Remarks (3)

Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) convened on Communities and Local Government (CLG) HQ for a DEA Workshop early August. Here we look at plans to recruit and train DEAs to supply an extended Energy Performance Certificate to homeowners as part of a new paid for service from the Energy Saving Trust to supply Home Action Plans.

Will this create an elite minority of DEAs earning higher fees? This is the second concluding part looking at the proposals and decisions made at the meeting

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DEA Workshop with the CLG - CPD Changes

By MikeC (Admin) on 14-Aug-08 00:32. Remarks (0)

Domestic Energy Assessors and industry representatives met with the CLG last week to plot a path for the future of Energy Performance Certificates, and those serving them. Here we gather views and gauge consquences. Part 1 of 2 looks at a proposed CPD shake-up

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