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Beat that UK!

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 08-Aug-08 01:50:28 PM

I was expecting something big from China's opening Olympic ceremony today, but not quite that big!

I've just spent over an hour watching the most extraordinary feat of human and technological ingenuity.

From the huge unfurling scroll across the length and breadth of the stadium - the centrepiece of action where China celebrates its rich culture, beginning with floor dancers acrobatically painting-out a landscape in ink, moving through to a meticulously orchestrated display of huge typesetting blocks moving in unison, onto a swirling moving array of people, lit-up white, creating patterns almost computer-like in their form - to the massive plasma screen spanning the entire upper diameter of the huge stadium.

The climax, if one could possibly pick one out from the choice of fantastical spectacles, was the huge globe to emerge from beneath the scroll, rising 23 meters high, onto which stood people... on top, on the side, and below!

For clarity, I mean stood, vertically!

Then they all began walking, running and sliding around its surface, seemingly defying gravity.

The BEEB has some stunning pictures from the event if you haven't caught it yet.

Absolutely breathtaking to watch. So much so, I stopped work for an hour to do so.

But no offence, China, from this point forward I shall be doing my best to avoid the games because I find it the most boring month in televisual scheduling. Good luck to UK participants though.

PS... I bet planners of the British Olympics are now re-adjusting their budgets accordingly after witnessing that... skywards!

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Olympic Cycling
Reply #1 on : Fri August 08, 2008, 22:16:54
I think you'll find the Cycling starts tomorrow actually Mike, and given it was a chap from your neck of the woods, a certain C Boardman OBE who started the GB Gold-Rush in Cycling, I think the least you could do is stop playing minesweeper for 5 minutes!

After all, the Brits have the best mens sprinter and pursuiter in the world, the best ladies BMX rider and some rather useful world beating Downhillers!

Now I command you to leave your keyboard and watch the awesome demonstration of man/woman and maching in perfect harmony.

And if you need a green edge to it all, the bike was not only voted the greatest invention by Radio 4 listeners, but its also phenomenally efficient.

Now stick that in your chain and pedal it! :o)
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Re: Beat that UK!
Reply #2 on : Fri August 08, 2008, 23:53:30
I'm sorry, can someone translate that for me please? ;)

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