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“No justification for using data gatherers on level 3 buildings”

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 12-May-09 09:38:19 PM

The CLG has finally clarified its position on the use of data gatherers for Energy Performance Certificates, in case you didn’t know.

For domestic EPCs, data gatherers (DG) are a big no-no.

For non-domestic level 3 buildings, again, a big no-no.

Level 4 and 5

The CLG writes:

  • Visiting the property - the NDEA must inspect all properties for which they issue an EPC to ensure they can verify any data provided and be sure that it is appropriate for the building before the EPC is lodged with the National Non-Domestic Register. This also enables the NDEA to provide the building owner with the outcome.
  • Recording of assistants and data sources used - the NDEA must record all the assistants used and the provenance of all data that has been used to produce the EPC.
  • Evidence of supervision - the NDEA must provide evidence of supervision of the process. One way of demonstrating this would be via the use of ISO9001 procedures.
  • The suitability of any assistants used:
    • • The NDEAs are responsible for ensuring that any assistants used are ‘fit and proper’ and suitably qualified, for example by being a level 3 NDEA or through membership of a recognised professional body. The NDEA should be able to provide evidence to support an assistant’s suitability to do the work
    • • The NDEA must be able to demonstrate that the contractual arrangements of any assistants allow sufficient supervision and quality control by the Accredited Energy Assessor. Employment of assistants by the same company as the NDEA would be one way of demonstrating this.
  • Remote lodgement business models – which in this note refer to the practice of an accredited EA lodging a certificate which has been produced from data that has not been collected or verified in the manner described above by the EA - are not acceptable. The fact is, in such circumstances, that the accredited EA is unable to fully supervise the assistant and verify the data and how it is collected.

A period of transition for businesses operating outside of the rules lasts until “end June 2009”.

Quidos has been quick off the mark. Today it announced an “upgrade course” for data collectors wishing to become level 3 non-domestic energy assessors.

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