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Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 01-Aug-08 03:23:07 PM

I've been offline during the past few days so I'm still catching up.

On Tuesday (29 July 08), the CLG released (yet) another consultation document which, it says, aims to address:

  1. quality and flow of information provided to consumers
  2. standard of services provided by property professionals
  3. enforcement and redress arrangements available to consumers

It proposes two "key changes":

  1. to simplify the leasehold requirements within the HIP; and
  2. introduce a Property Information Questionnaire (PIQ) as a required document within the HIP to provide the type of information most useful to a buyer when considering a property.

In its press release, the CLG wrote:

The questionnaire would include information such as:

  • Building work carried out to the property;
  • Information on energy and utilities;
  • Details on parking arrangements;
  • Council tax banding.


Press release: Housing - Communities and Local Government

The PIQ is expected to become part of the HIP from 1 January 2009.

I haven't had chance to read the consultation yet but Improving Consumer Information in the Home Information Pack - Consultation Paper (pdf) is available to download for your weekend reading pleasure.

Charges for Property Searches

Another consultation document was released yesterday too. This time on draft regulations built on the (I assume) results of the last consultation which ran from Jan 1st 2008 - 18th April 2008 and attracted a healthy 902 responses.

Again, I haven't had chance to read through it yet but you can fascinate your spouses by downloading it here: Local Authorities (Charges for Property Searches) (England) (Wales) Regulations: A consultation paper (pdf).

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