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Institute of Home Inspection withdraws from talks in protest

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 10-Dec-09 06:24:53 PM

It would seem that several groups representing Domestic Energy Assessors, including some, or all accreditation bodies, are not happy with CLG moves to reconstitute the erstwhile DEA Workshops it hosted last year with industry representatives.

The following was posted today on the Home Inspector Forum (HIF) by Joseph Pestell, IHI honorary secretary. I post it here because I know not all of you are HIF subscribers and this is important.

From the Hon Secretary, IHI

About eighteen months ago, CLG set up a panel of energy assessors (and a few other experts) to advise them on implementation of EPBD. Various meetings have taken place since.

The last meeting was held in July and CLG stated their intention to merge the group with the one that represents the Accreditation Schemes.

The first meeting of this new group was due to take place in November but was cancelled due to "logistical difficulties" of which the main one seemed to be that everyone was unhappy with the proposed structure of the group. The accreditation schemes wrote a particularly forthright letter to CLG.

A new attempt has now been made to form this group with even less representation for energy assessors.

IHI has decided to withdraw from this consultation process as the new structure, in our view, can not achieve the stated objectives of the Group. Nor can we properly represent our members within the proposed structure.

In an e-mail earlier today, I compared the situation with Govt ignoring a trade union and choosing instead to negotiate with one random employee in that industry.

We are not the only ones to be unhappy. IDEA Chairman/Chief Executive, Jim Gillespie, has also expressed his disapproval of the proposed arrangements in his usual robust style. Similarly other former members of the groups including CIBSE.

- ENDS -

Funnily enough, only last night I was reading some of the blog-posts reporting on last year’s meetings (see DEA Workshops link above) and I caught myself thinking, on several occasions, I wonder what happened to “this” plan on CPD? And what happened to “that” proposal on X?

Not a lot.

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