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And they keep on comin’

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 06-Jan-10 12:12:37 PM

Right, first-off, happy new year and all that, blah blah blah…

There’s been quite a lot going on so I’m hoping to bang out a few posts today in an attempt to cover at least some of it. But time means it will probably be somewhat shallow in depth unfortunately (shut up).

Just before the break I was reminded (or tipped off – everything’s blurred) about yet more Government consultations – no wonder there’s an industry in responding to these things!

I haven’t had time to read them yet so I’m relying on provided abstracts.

Extending CERT

Government announced in the 2009 UK Low Carbon Transition Plan that CERT would be extended to December 2012 to align with the end of the first carbon budget period and to provide ongoing certainty of household energy efficiency investment.

Raises key proposals for a new higher target of 293 million tonnes of lifetime CO2 savings by December 2012; for the provision of an insulation minimum and the removal of compact fluorescent lights as eligible measures, so as to drive insulation delivery at scale and ensure we meet our target to insulate 6 million homes by December 2011; and, for a new Super Priority Group obligation to ensure that the most vulnerable householders who are least able to afford energy saving measures are offered assistance.

Closes: 14th Mar 2010

Read: Extending the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (Scribd, for safe-keeping!)

Sustainable New Homes: The Road to Zero Carbon: Consultation on the Code for Sustainable Homes and the Energy Efficiency standard for Zero Carbon Homes

Couldn’t have thought of a more compact and memorable title!

This consultation seeks views on changes to the Code for Sustainable Homes in 2010, to align with changes to Part L of the Building Regulations and the proposed approach to adopting the 2016 definition of zero carbon.Therefore the most significant changes are within the energy section of the Code.

There’s more to it than that, though.

Closes: 24 March 2010

Read: Sustainable New Homes: The Road to Zero Carbon (Scribd)

Sustainable Development Strategy Consultation Draft – Northern Ireland

One for Northern Ireland…

You’ll have to excuse my sloppiness on this but there is no executive summary in the document so I’m afraid you’ll have to deduce its abstract from the title only.

Closes: 15th Jan 2010

Read: Sustainable Development Strategy Consultation Draft (Scribd)

One to watch out for

Apparently the CLG is intending to consult on allowing (yet more) access to EPC data to a wider audience than the Energy Saving Trust and Carbon Trust later in the month.

[Note to Scribd: not best-pleased with the way you have changed the upload feature. That is all]

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