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DEA numbers and regional coverage

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 13-Jul-07 05:09:37 PM

The latest numbers of Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) were released by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) yesterday (12/07/07) - Yes, I know I'm late but I've got a backlog here!

[DEA Numbers Update: Latest]

Let's dig in...

Trained, Qualified and Accredited DEAs - 11th July 2007

Assessor Numbers as of 11 July
StageNumber of assessors/candidates
Accredited 1603
Qualified 741
Passed exams 3662
Total in system who have passed exams or progressed further 6006

That's odd, innit!

Why? Well, it was only last week (06/07/07) that AHIPP said DEA numbers were at 1595 accredited DEAs.

So, is that just an increase of 8 newly accredited DEAs in 3 working days? Or, is one of those numbers wrong?

Hmm... I wonder whose! (Hint: AHIPP Should Rethink PR Strategy)

Hey, I'm not going to get all anal about a difference of 8, but it's this kind of margin-of-error that puts people's trust on edge.

I mean, consider the questions that could spin from that possible discrepancy:

  • Were the last AHIPP numbers just a good guess?
  • Are they correct, but the Govt's numbers wrong?
  • Has the accreditation machine ground to a crawl in that 3 day period?
  • Has the influx of accrediting DEAs peaked already?

Do you see what I mean? Following each of those questions leads to potentially serious conclusions.

Anyway, let's move on and look at the regional coverage of DEAs.

DEA Regional Coverage

DEAs accredited by region
RegionNumber Accredited as of 11 July
North West 171
North East 44
Yorkshire & the Humber 122
East Midlands 115
West Midlands 146
Eastern 194
London 113
South East 296
South West 179
Wales 87
Unknown 135
Total 1603

DEA Workload Projection

I'm not going to comment on that table because Freeloader has been crunching numbers and come up with his own projections of workload for DEAs, should all 6006 assessors go on to accreditation, by region:

Projected annual number of EPC's per DEA by region
RegionHouse SalesDEAsEPCs per DEA
North West 272825 700 273
North East 82325 180 320
Yorkshire & the Humber 166853 499 234
East Midlands 67908 471 101
West Midlands 83761 598 98
Eastern 149757 794 132
London 233011 463 353
South East 408514 1212 236
South West 229599 733 220
Wales 79546 356 156

He's arrived at those numbers by overlaying the regional transaction data from last year's (2006) Land Registry database. Interesting reading (and good work Freeloader!).

Of course, that's last year, next year is another playground... particularly with interest rates as they currently are!

Official DCLG figures.

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Reply #1 on : Mon July 16, 2007, 10:50:31
Thanks for that Mike, I should point out that the Land Registry numbers are house sales rather than instructions, so the actual EPC numbers should be somewhat higher (10-15%..?) Also, DEAs employed directly by HIP providers will probably take the lions share of the work, so freelancers should crunch their own numbers for their business plans, taking account of the available freelance work rather than relying on my ballpark projections.
The table was created purely as a high-level overview of the projected regional workloads, but is by no means scientific :)
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Re: DEA numbers and regional coverage
Reply #2 on : Mon July 16, 2007, 15:41:28
Thanks for the clarifications Freeloader, good work.

However, I will be holding you personally accountable if your predictions do not become 100% true ;)

[Added: In fact, that wouldn't be good at all... I take it back ;) ]
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