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Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 15-Aug-07 07:43:06 PM

Put your credit card away, you've spent enough for very little already - let's try and put some money in your pocket for a change.

Get listed now!

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Get listed and be found:

  • Profile page: Your own page about your services (No sharing with your competitors here)
  • Google Map: Displays how far you will travel
  • Contact details: Email not displayed so no one will harvest it to spam you.
  • Sell yourself: Tell everyone what you do!
  • Website: A genuine link to your site for Google loving!
  • Free: Absolutely!

Already Registered?

If you are already registered, just log-in and update your details using the "Edit Profile" link.

Not Registered?

If you are an independant DEA and wish to be listed for EPC work, get signed-up now and follow the instructions (Sorry, no packagers/panels - A further update will/may happen to include national EPC providers later. You can still try and sneak-in if you want to be bad-mouthed and banned for good - S'up to you!).

The search box is displayed on the consumer pages of this website (including the home page).

Accredited DEAs Only

Public listing is only available for accredited Domestic Energy Assessors - However, you can still sign-up (for a blog) and update later when you are accredited, but you won't be listed publicly until then... so don't forget!

Google Map

DEA's working proximity using Google MapsBe sure to include both your postcode and the distance you are willing to travel for work (in miles) because, beside your public profile is a Google Map which has a circle marking-out the proximity you will work - This is based on the postcode you provide.

No Website?

If you don't have a website yet then why not piggy-back on here?

Even if you haven't accredited, you can still begin to stake-out your web presence with your own blog and don't worry... it's free!

  • No coding required
  • No hosting hassles
  • Simple interface (like a word processor)
  • Search engine listed (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc...)

Once you've registered just fire me an email and I'll set you up.

Oh yeah, only one thing I ask: that you can write coherently, or at least use a spellchecker (no txt lingo ere!)


Whilst I will do my bit to promote the directory, I can't promote everyone's individual listings. So you should help yourself:

  • If you have a website, place a link to your profile here - Adds credibility ("Listed on") and gives it a nudge in Google.
  • Link to your profile in any of your forum signatures
  • Email sigs

I plan to cover more ways you can promote your services on the web in future.


I'm hoping there are no bugs but if you do find any, please let me know.

Get listed on the DEA locater - FREE!

Posts: 4
looking for work
Reply #1 on : Sun August 24, 2008, 09:55:24
As a new dea, still not had my certificate yet, am seeking work from any source. I hope that this site can form part of my resource. So far looking good. Will register when I have my certificate

Posts: 4
Reply #2 on : Thu September 04, 2008, 11:25:41
what concern me is that the epc prices have been slashed and after going to a epc update withe bre, they talk about sampling. now sampling in my view would really suit very large portfolio ie:social housing, councils etc. reason being by the time you have gone through the data provides from, the sampling will only bring the fee down. but more so not everything is the same when sampling, by the time you have grouped up the data and check that the information provided in accurate or not, remember you are ressonsible for the report provided not the landlord.
the landlords will do everything to bring the price down but don't cut your self short. example a row of terraces, two end terrace and two mid terrace and the mid terraces have a communal access to the rear of the property. i have learn that when sampling, and pricing for the job, in most case this will effect you as a hi or dea, in accordance to price. meaning a lot of work for peanuts.

thank you

Posts: 4
Reply #3 on : Tue July 07, 2009, 09:55:47
as a qualified DEA i would like to see where the Government are thinking of going woth this and the wider scope in which we could be used. i did my DEA training over 2 years ago and was made redundant last july. I know work for the local council and an energy promotions officer and am looking to widen this into the energy efficiency advice side for my area. So the planned Enefgy Advice courese planned and funded by CERT would be of benefit and is what im doing now anyway.

Posts: 4
A DEA directory website to add your details to.
Reply #4 on : Mon December 14, 2009, 17:10:36
I've been working ona website for DEA's to add their details to for free, maybe you can try and get some work direct from the public, it's hard enough if you do have a website but if you don't then you are pretty much buggered. Anyway drop your details at

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