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Domestic Energy Assessor fears realised

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 30-Jun-08 04:09:05 PM

In its latest Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) guide for landlords, published today, the CLG writes on page 12:

Landlords or DEAs may choose to employ individuals to gather the data needed for an EPC, or it may be more efficient for surveyors or those visiting a dwelling for other data gathering purposes to gather EPC input data at the same time.

However, the next paragraph states:

The DEA must still visit the dwelling to satisfy themselves that the data is accurate and can be relied upon, unless the EPC is being created using sampling techniques, or it is a revision to account for improvement works and there is sufficient evidence as to the validity of the new data

Philip Salaman, Managing Director of Quidos, the accreditation scheme, anticipates gloomy times may be in store for DEAs; he is predicting the possible birth of a new industry of Data Gathering Energy Assessments (DGEA):

"As an Accreditation Scheme this means we will ultimately deal with fewer numbers of DEAs producing larger numbers of EPC's", he said.

Criminal Records Bureau checks on data-gatherers

According to the CLG document, unless EPC data-gatherers are attending a void (unoccupied rental dwelling), they, in common with Domestic Energy Assessors, will need to have a basic CRB check undertaken.

However, Mr Salaman is concerned: "What does that mean? Who validates it? What about PI & PL insurance?"

Save accreditation fees - Raise assessment fees

Searching for a positive side to this he ponders: "A current DEA can now become a DGEA, and save their accreditation membership fees etc. Therefore, all DEA's become DGEA's and raise their fees"

Although, he concedes, it's little consolation to many DEAs hoping for a pick-up in October, when EPCs on rentals become mandatory.

Full CLG document: Energy performance certificates for dwellings in the social and private rented sectors: A guide for landlords (pdf)

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Re: Domestic Energy Assessor fears realised
Reply #1 on : Mon July 07, 2008, 14:31:20
So a Data Gatherer goes to the property to get the information then a DEA goes to check this data is accurate before issueing a certificate. Not much of an energy saving matter is it.

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Re: Domestic Energy Assessor fears realised
Reply #2 on : Mon July 07, 2008, 17:12:46
If proof were needed that this government has lost the plot, this is it. There are now two quite distinct parts to what was initially a simple piece of legislation.
CLG have successfully turned an important piece of legislation into a 'tick the box' process and removed all credibility from the thousands of people who have invested time, effort and considerable money into implementing it.
Instead of using the EPC (& its derivatives) as a means to change peoples attitude on energy useage and conservation, this goverment has made no serious attempt to enlighten the general public.
Perhaps CLG should be renamed Community of Lethargic Gnomes, after all they appear to just stand around with silly grins on their faces and serve no useful purpose.

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Data Gatherers
Reply #3 on : Tue July 08, 2008, 14:55:51
OK So DEA can save his accreditation fees, CPD time and cost etc: etc; but when the fee for an EPC is still going down and many panels have now reached £50 and lower where is the room for two people to have a bite at the cherry. The uncheckable "hurdle" of the DEA having to actually visit the property is ludicrous and simply suggests that a Data Gatherer is not to be trusted. Electronics of course can remove a lot of the training and actual skills erquired by the data gatherer but anything other than a simple as built property is going to be a liability. How many of us have actuall done more than say 5 surveys and not had at least one where some head scratching was required?

My recommendation to all DEAs is, dont downgrade as it is the first step to leaving the industry and then also dont create data gatherers to do you job for you because you will ultimately get squeezed out of the chain.

if you want EPC work then your best bet is to choose a reputable HIP provider, get a good basic price and then go out and sell the HIP service, but remember you may well need to build in anything from £50 to £100 for a solicitor or estate agent referral fee.

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Data Collectors and the EPC
Reply #4 on : Wed July 09, 2008, 23:42:55
The fact remains that the Energy Performance Certificate will need to be produced by accredited individuals so data gatherers will not be acceptable.

Further giudance will be needed and to be honest many large Housing Associations and large social landlords may hold stock condition reports on much of the stock they lease.In this case, i beleive that they will be able to use the information to clone property. This however is still to be confirmed by CLG I have spoken to the ClG technical team who say this guidance will be available in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, this is not likely to become a problem just another issue which those working with large stock holders may need to consider.

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