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New energy assessor support group

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 24-Sep-08 07:15:34 PM

Readers may remember Institutes and Associations: Next!, a blog-posting made back in July reporting on the myriad of demands and wishes a new proposed organisation should address on behalf of Domestic Energy Assessors.

Well, ProDEA is the result and it has launched today. Its stated aims are:

  • Increase work opportunities for Energy Assessors
  • Help maintain fair and sustainable industry fees
  • Represent the professional and business interests of DEAs
  • Champion standards for the EPC, Energy Assessor and Accreditation Bodies

Go check it out.

What I'd like to know is:

  • What are the differences between it, and the other national organisations?
  • What is its constitution?
  • Is it a Panel, Co-operative, Community Interest Company, Association, Institute, what?

Is it ready to launch?

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Reply #1 on : Thu September 25, 2008, 17:12:02
At the moment Pro DEA is a working group - we are trying very hard to make sure our development is transparent, which is one of our major differences!

We would like to work together with other orgnaisations to improve the lot of DEAs and proactively promote EPCs. We are not interested in being negative about other groups that are already evolved but by postings on the HI forum we saw a need for a different organisation and are intending to work very hard to fill that gap.

We are a non profit organisation.

Hope that helps - if any other questions please have a look at

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Re: New energy assessor support group
Reply #2 on : Fri October 03, 2008, 15:47:18
No, sorry, I still don't get it. What do Prodea actually do. You say you are different because you are transparent, but you seem unwilling to state what your actual purpose is and how you are going to "improve the lot for DEAs". It's almost as though you had a sudden thought that something ought to change, but you have absolutely no idea what that change should be or how you are going to achieve it.

This whole prodea thing is strangely amateurish.

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Reply #3 on : Sun October 05, 2008, 19:26:55
We are a working group so at the moment we are concentrating on building bridges with useful organisations, networking with potential discount providers etc so Pro DEA can Provide useful information, discounts and help to members.

We feel if we tackle the underlying problems then we will be able to get somewhere - the main one is that although most DEAs (myself included) are independant there are times when we need to work together to be heard and to make sure that DEAs and EPCs are promoted to the general public in a positive proactive way. At the moment we are working towards advertising etc to be able to do that.

We will be updating our website in the forseeable future and putting updates on the HI forum so that potential members and any interested parties can clearly see what Pro DEA are trying to achieve.

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Reply #4 on : Tue February 24, 2009, 11:47:08
I paid £20 by PayPal last night - 23/02/09 - and all I received was a link back to the same web page which was initially sent by email
All the link does is show you "DRAFT" copies of the application forms, which you cannot type on, or print!
There are no company address details, or any contact telephone numbers, and emails remain unanswered!
This may possibly be a scam to obtain goods,services and/or sensitive personal details, by deception.
I have only just sent another email message - 24/02/09 11.46am - stating that if I do not receive a reply today, I will inform PayPal and the Trading Standards to take action.
You have been warned!

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unfounded comments
Reply #5 on : Tue February 24, 2009, 14:35:12
I have no idea what site you were looking at but there are full details about Pro DEA on a link from the About US page, the company address is also on all the sample documents you mentioned. I had a good look through the site and it does explain that the actual documents will be sent to you - the ones on the site are just so as you know what to receive.
What an unfair and reactionary post! I am copying below the details I found on the site.
There is also a nice little diagram of the whole structure and its Constitution.

Company Details
Pro DEA Community Interest Company Ltd
Registered Address
137 New Street

Earl Shilton



Telephone Number
01455 843473

Company Registration Number
Reg No. awaiting registration number from companies house
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Re: New energy assessor support group
Reply #6 on : Tue February 24, 2009, 15:24:27
Thanks Alyson - I've removed the email addresses to keep the spambots away, although they are available on the ProDEA website.

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Membership fee
Reply #7 on : Thu February 26, 2009, 20:55:14

The emails that have been sent to you by Pro DEA have all been returned, either your email in box is full or your spam protector is rejecting the emails. Please send another email to for us to try and sort out.

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