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Plans to provide Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) nationally

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 02-Jun-08 06:02:09 PM

It's happened!

According to a report on Red Orbit, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) are set to "employ or retain" 500 Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) across the country by 2009.

The report claims that SSE intends to begin providing Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in the South West of England and South Wales initially and in addition to the standard accreditation requirements, it will also demand additional training in health & safety, customer service as well as improved survey techniques including use and calibration of equipment.

Several of you expected it, and now you have it. But who's going to take it?

I'll see if I can muster more info.

(Update: Tues 03 June 08)

Well it's true. Spoke with their press officer earlier who confirmed the report and pointed me to their own press release. It basically has the same info as above with the addition of a statement from Ian Marchant, Chief Executive of SSE, which said:

“The launch of this new business is another example of our drive to help people manage energy consumption. It complements the work we are doing on smart meters and under the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target. It is also in line with our ‘better plan’ package, which gives financial rewards to customers for cutting their energy consumption.

“At a time of higher prices, near-universal concerns about climate change and the long-term security of supplies, energy performance and efficiency is set to become a key business opportunity and it is one that we want to play a full part in.”

The press officer couldn't expand any further but understands that recruitment is not yet underway, though clearly will be soon.

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Scottish/Southern Energy
Reply #1 on : Tue June 03, 2008, 10:02:54
If they do enter the market all it means is there is an additional provider of EPC's not any new work for DEA's. Unfortunately DEA's have been caught in the double whammy of an over supply of qualified individuals and a slumping property market.

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Scottish/Southern Energy
Reply #2 on : Tue June 03, 2008, 15:45:29

This is a topic by Enrgywise from Feb this year, he mentions a tie up with SSe and the Low carbon Group and is asking for recruits in the South west.

Rob Nicholson aka RobCornwall on HI Forum.

Thanks for the superb Blog
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Re: Plans to provide Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) nationally
Reply #3 on : Tue June 03, 2008, 16:05:03
@John: hmm... depends on what plans they have to market them I suppose. I'm not sure they will restrict EPCs to home sales personally. Doesn't make sense to enter a slowing housing market on the scale proposed, IMO.

@Rob: Ahh! So that's what Alex (Energywise) was up to then eh!

Thanks Rob (and for your kind words).
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