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Lords briefing on Home Information Packs

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 24-Mar-09 01:30:03 AM

According to ePolitix, reporting on Monday’s (23rd Mar) HIP briefing at the House of Lords, Baroness Andrews has revealed that two million Energy Performance Certificates had now been lodged.

Lords briefing: Home information packs:

Added: actual announcement on TheyWorkForYou

From my own spreadsheet, the milestone represents an increase of around 1.6 million EPCs in the last 12 months, which seems extraordinary given the economy. 

At the end of last month, 26th Feb, the CLG informed the DEA Workshop Forum that around 1.8 million EPCs had been lodged. In less than a month, therefore, around 200,000 more EPCs have been registered (and February is a short month!)

Burnt out

In case you’re wondering why it’s been so quiet, the graphics chip on my PC expired. Still under warranty I returned the tower for fixing, complete with hard drive - mistake.

Realising I couldn’t use the spare PC, I flipped.

It was only after journeying through all the stages of anger, to eventual acceptance, did I suddenly realise: “Wow, I have an ‘excuse’ to make off, like madoff!

Forget work, forget EPCs, the forum, the emails, the consultations, the PMs etc… just get off. So I did.

And it was great!

Two years I've been scrutinising this industry. It’s been very intense; fast moving. I hadn’t realised how burnt out I was. I now understand why Brian Scannell took a few months out recently – and he’s been tied to this much longer than I.

There comes a point when the wall of information hitting the brain just becomes white-noise. Filtering and deciphering it for the keyboard becomes more of a chore. It drains, depleting your capacity to think and react in general.

Occasional distance is what's needed; a space and time in a completely different environment.

I'm not one for holidays really but this has been a reminder of their value.

Even if it’s just chucking yourself in a river for an hour a week: do it!

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Burnt Out
Reply #1 on : Wed March 25, 2009, 21:56:35
You do right as one who speaks from experience once in a similar field of public service - by default!

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