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What will the energy assessment involve?

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 16-Jun-07 09:11:35 PM

Energy performance surveyAn energy assessment of your home will involve both an internal and external inspection of the property. For the purposes of obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate, they can only be undertaken by a fully accredited Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) or Home Inspector (I will refer to both, as a DEA).

It is advisable - for your own peace-of-mind - to ask the DEA to bring along proof of accreditation when booking the appointment.

You could also try asking for their accreditation number over the phone and check its authenticity using the Government's central register of accredited Domestic Energy Assessors, before they even set-foot near your front door.

As part of a DEA's accreditation, a check on their Criminal Record is made with the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) - It might be additionally comforting to know that the check (at the time of writing), is more comprehensive than those undertaken for such professions as, Gas Inspectors, for instance.

Energy Performance Survey

When the DEA arrives, he (or she) will need to inspect, and make note of, the following property details:

  • The year of property construction
  • Walls and roof construction
  • Signs of wall-cavity insulation
  • Energy-saving "green" devices (such as solar panels, for instance)
  • Number of double glazed windows and when installed
  • Number of open or closed fireplaces
  • Make and model of boiler and the type of flue and fuel used
  • Number of low energy light-bulbs
  • Type of heating system used and controls (wall thermostat etc...)
  • Roof insulation and thickness.
  • Measure the thickness of the hot water cylinder jacket or foam.
  • Check for excessive window area in larger houses and take measurements of conservatories and extensions.
  • Note the number of habitable rooms that are heated.
  • Measure the internal or external areas of the home.
  • Sketch and make notes relating to home and room layout

A brief video walk-through of some elements of the home energy assessment.

Be prepared for political correctness!

Be aware that Domestic Energy Assessors reserve the right to cancel (or reschedule) an appointment if they believe there will be a danger to either themselves, others, or your property. It's all about health and safety so you might want to securely leash any unfed salivating dogs away from the property!

And regardless of how funny it might be to watch 26 strategically placed encyclopedia's fall at speed onto the assessor's head as they open your loft-door, best to give them a hint first.

Joking aside, in this increasingly politically-correct country we live in these days, some of the restrictions preventing a "safe" energy assessment might seem ridiculous. It's as well to understand however, that Domestic Energy Assessors are bound by both the rules of their accreditation scheme, and their insurance policy which protects you both.

As a flavour, try this: At least one Local Authority recently announced it was to begin forewarning residents to clear homes of cigarette smoke in advance of its workers arriving on scheduled home visits. This, to protect them from the hazards of passive-smoking.

I know! Hey, I'm only the messenger!

Needless to say, if in doubt, ask your DEA when making the appointment.

Energy Performance Certificates - What Are They?

A look at what a Domestic Energy Assessor will look at when performing an energy assessment on your home for the purposes of obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Plus, some tips to make sure it takes place smoothly, without a hitch!


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